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Cloudera Authorized Distributor Philippines

Cloudera, Inc. is a software company that provides a software platform for data engineering, data warehousing, machine learning and analytics that runs in the cloud or on premises. Cloudera is a big data platform where you can store all of your data whether structured, unstructured or semi-structured in one single repository. This is to eliminate silos in an IT infrastructure.

Cloudera provides 4 capabilities:

Data Engineering

(experiment and provision the compute and storage resources that needs to run on the Cloudera platform ex: workloads that will be stored like multiple database cluster and or massive amounts of data coming from advanced type of data: sensors, social media, etc.).

Data Warehousing

(supports hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, you can move workloads between on-premises and any cloud this includes: reports, dashboard, ad-hoc analytics including AI).

Machine Learning

(emergence of different sources you may be able to store and scale onfrom advanced type of data: sensors, social media, voice, streaming, real-time data etc)


(enable and integrate your business intelligence in Cloudera platform. ex: Tableau, Qlik, ) that runs in the cloud or on premises.

Cloudera Data Platform

The world’s first enterprise data cloud

A Platform for both IT and the business, Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is:

  • On-premises and public cloud
  • Multi-cloud and multi-function
  • Simple to use and secure by design
  • Manual and automated
  • Open and extensible
  • For data engineers and data scientists

An Integrated Data Platform

CDP provides an integrated data platform that creates agility along lines-of-business while facilitating
efficiency and security within IT, enabling the entire organization to be more productive.

•Designed for data engineers, data scientists, BI analysts, developers and enterprise IT
• Simple to use cloud-native service and automatically secure by design
• Best-in-class analytics and integrated data lifecycle
• Self-serve and custom analytics
• Public cloud and on-premises

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