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Authorized Distributor Philippines

Falaina Authorized Distributor Philippines

Falaina is a Singapore based start-up and cybersecurity technology provider of Identity and Access Management along with Data Security solution. Falaina enables enterprises to have visibility and secure their infrastructures, applications and data for private and public cloud.


Falaina comprehensive solution addresses today’s requirements of an enterprise for:

  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
  • Data Access Governance (DAG)
  • Access Management (AM)

Falaina provides businesses with the relevant reporting and analytics to improve IT security, maintain compliance and eventually minimize business risk.

Falaina today headquartered in Singapore with operations across the globe. Established itself as the Asia Pacific brand name, and serving customers across the globe, research and innovation efforts of the company will continue. The product development and enhancement are largely dictated by what the customers need and the development effort, complexity and cost.

Falaina will strive to challenge the Industry leaders even as it maintains it’s niche in the Identity Governance & Administration space, one of the largest growing space as per Gartner. This will be achieved through leveraging the present product strength and edge with
competitive pricing and then Expanding globally through development of channel partnerships.

Make the existing product a well-rounded acceptable product across markets and corporate
sizes and enable corporate that have an existing IDM solution to buy the governance

Identity Analytic & Compliance Manager (IACM)

Falaina’s Identity Analytics and Compliance Manager (IACM) is key for the next generation Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution that provide complete visibility on who's who, what's what and who have access to what for enterprises to address their audit and compliance requirements.

Falaina’s IACM is a foundation for Identity Lifecycle Manager, which is a powerful platform for enabling and improving compliance at a lower cost. Falaina with its next generation IACM also provides identity centric threat intelligence by proactively enforcing access rights policies, monitoring rogue user creations, access right changes, detecting dormant/inactive accounts.

Falaina’s IACM is a single integrated IGA platform that makes it possible to set a baseline for compliance and maintain that baseline to detect and prevent violations by providing segregation of duties (SoD) and sensitive access checks by making IACM as the utmost security defence platform.

Falaina’s IACM provides fine grain controls over key capabilities that includes:

  • Reconciliation process with automated discovery of account and access
  • Complete visibility with comprehensive entitlement catalog
  • Identity governance, risk and compliance management with Segregation of Duties (SoD) checks
  • Access rights review with close-loop remediation
  • Policy Management
  • Enterprise Role Management and
  • Risk Modelling

Today, Falaina’s ILM support industry expansion of managing not only employees, but also to support contractors, affiliates, business partners / vendors, suppliers and most importantly customers - to secure employees’ and non-employees’ identity and their access safe for business activities.

Privilege Access Manager (PAM)

Falaina’s Privilege Access Manager (PAM) is designed to secure the privileged users (identity) and accounts, while enabling practical session management from single, integrated portal. This portal enables single sign-on for all privileged account via centralised authentication typically Microsoft

Active Directory Server or any LDAP server. The objective is to secure, control, manage and monitor privileged session to enterprise critical asset. PAM also keep your organization sage from accidental or deliberate misuse of privileged access.

Falaina’s PAM using the same universal connectors, access request and approval workflow and Falaina Universal SSO Workspace2 technology from Web Access Manager/SSO product.

Falaina’s PAM provides out of the box multi-factor authentication (MFA) and step-up authentication for privileged access to critical asset. One-time Password (OTP) and Captcha authentication can be configured as part of the access policies. Rest API provided for integration with third party MFA or Hardware Security Module (HSM) for FIPS requirement.

Falaina’s PAM support dual authentication which allows two person to login using their own credentials to centralised authentication server before any session to be initiated. Each of these login can be done remotely across different geographic locations.

Falaina’s PAM key capabilities includes:

  • Privileged access request management and approval
  • workflow
  • Privileged session - RDP, SSH and application access
  • Session recording and keystrokes logging
  • Falaina Universal SSO Workspace
  • Real-time session monitoring and access termination

Falaina’s PAM simplifies privilege access management process to enhance organizations IT security and enables organizations to meet regulatory requirements, while practically enables users to perform their day to day privileged activities.

Data Analytic and Compliance Manager (DACM)

Enterprises today have no or little visibility into what’s happening across their unstructured data. While enterprises are mandated to meet regulatory requirements such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and internal audit requirements around data protection, enterprises are simply not ready to protect data in this form because they just don’t understand where these data resides, who owns these data, number of duplicate copies and most importantly, how sensitive
these files are.

Falaina’s Data Analytics and Compliance Manager (DACM) helps organizations implement data security controls required to mitigate the risks and threats for unstructured data within the organizations. Falaina’s DACM helps discover unstructured data to understand the data file format (data silos) and provide complete visibility on who's who, what's what and who has access to unstructured data in order for enterprises to address their audit and compliance requirements. Falaina’s DACM focuses on implementation of data access security, data classification and discovery, activity monitoring and audit for unstructured data within file shares such as Microsoft Windows File Servers, Microsoft Sharepoint Servers and other file shares in the cloud.

Falaina’s DACM key capabilities includes:

  • Complete discovery and profiling of enterprise unstructured data
  • Understand who have access to your data (Entitlement Catalog)
  • Review and remediate unauthorized access
  • Monitoring user privileges and activity
  • Integration with Identity Governance and Administration for complete Data Access Governance

Falaina’s DACM and its integration with Identity Governance and Administration technologies enables it to provide comprehensive solution that ensures enterprise data is secure for business transactions no matter where they resides.

Web Access Manager/Single Sign-On (WebSSO)

Falaina’s Web Access Manager/Single Sign-On (WebSSO) is a light-weight solution for application access control, providing an integrated standards-based solution that delivers authentication, single sign-on, access policy creation and enforcement. It is designed to support Web/SaaS applications, on-premise (private cloud) applications and legacy applications include traditional in-house applications built on top of Microsoft IIS, Apache Tomcat, Oracle Weblogic and IBM Websphere. SaaS based applications include Oracle Cloud, Tableau, Salesforce, Google, Office365, ServiceNow, Workday and many more via standard authentication protocols such as SAML, OpenID, OAuth/OAuth2, LDAP or Ms. Active Directory or ADFS. Falaina’s SSO Integration with Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform allows end to end access management services such as user self-service
registration, user on-boarding, password management, delegated administration, reporting and auditing.

Falaina’s SSO integrates out-of-the-box with directory services, application servers, web servers, and enterprise applications includes SaaS applications via OpenID Connect, Oauth2 and SAML. Its architecture leverages Microsoft clustering technologies for high availability and distributed load-balancing - providing a very scalable solution for B2E and B2C type of applications. Falaina Web Access Manager or SSO comes with Two Factor Authentication (2FA – OTP/TOTP) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Native mobile Application also bundled with 2FA/MFA to provide better user experience.

Falaina’s SSO key capabilities includes:

  • Centralized authentication with single sign-on across private and public cloud applications
  • Advanced session management across applications
  • Centralized access control policy management
  • Fine-grained resource and access authorization
  • Multi-factor Authentication and Mobile applications support
  • Falaina Universal SSO Workspace 2

Falaina’s SSO supports cloud deployment and mobile applications to meet increasing customer demand for applications secure access.

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