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Authorized Distributor Philippines

Fiber Home Authorized Distributor Philippines

FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd. is an information and communication network products and solutions provider. Since its establishment in 1999, FiberHome has been devoted to the progress and development of global information and communications and accumulated profound understanding and creativity on information and communications. FiberHome's mission is to "Maximize the potential of digital connections and benefit the society". FiberHome shoulders the core value of "Customer Oriented, Dedication & Integrity, Continuous Innovation, and Incremental Development" and is committed to bringing the benefits of communication technology to everyone.

Optical Communication Expert

Full-e2e Solution Fitcloud Integration System

As a leading company in IT infrastructure,FH guarantees the customer with full-e2e solution Fitcloud integration system. Starting from local terminal crafts to customer application.

After years of deep cultivation in the communication industry, its produces has formed a complete and mature industrial chain and Have a good reputation in communication related equipment.

At the network and content delivery level, FH can support the customer with future-oriented SDN solution and self-developed NFV products at the cloud infrastructure level. Customer-oriented has always been the target and belief of Fiberhome, so at the application level FH have been devoted to provide the customer with highly customized integration solution. With the good performance of high customization, smart management, energy saving, FitServer has been widely used in hundreds of customers with various kinds of solution, such as virtualization, cloud computing, big data, HPC and other key business.

FiberHome(Philippines) deeply involved in a number of large-scale communications contracting projects. Our customers include almost all operators in the Philippines, our produces range from optical fibre to network security equipment.

High Quality Optical Fiber

At the beginning of the company establishment ,  fiberhome is well-known because of  its high quality optical fiber, after years of honed and precipitation, we have presented a new type of carrier grade optical fiber jumper recently, because our high-end self-developed technology, Its characteristics can be summarized as follows:

  • Enhanced transmission speed
  • Best-in-class wireless security
  • Works long with efficient function

It can be matched with  great majority industrial communication devices such as Switchboard、Router and optical module ,and all of these type has shown a good behavior and attainment.

Fiber Optical Transceiver

As the earliest company specializes in optical communication, fiber optical transceiver also plays a major role in domestic and international market, products are widely used in optical communication and other industries and fields. 

  • Carrier grade  function standard
  • Full duplex / half duplex automatic conversion
  • Plug and play is convenient and easy to use

Its characteristics makes it applicable to security engineering and other filed which ask high requirements for safety and stability, such as video monitor、Railway transportation、smart city and so on.

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