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When you invest in data protection solutions, you need more than the latest technology. You need to be absolutely sure you can enforce business policies, comply with regulatory mandates, leverage best practices, and prepare for future change—and deploy solutions quickly, while making the best possible use of your budget. nCipher Professional Services offers a range of deployment services designed to help you complete important data protection projects quickly and correctly. To help you maximize return on your investment, our experts provide exactly the type and amount of help you need, when you need it. Recognizing that every data protection challenge is different, we will work closely with your team to ensure that you can deploy nCipher products effectively in your environment and create a data protection architecture that addresses today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Engage as much or as little help as you need to make the best possible use of budget and resources.
Our experts work closely with your team to ensure and maintain optimal security architecture.
Deploy nCipher solutions quickly and effectively in your environment for a data protection architecture that addresses today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.


nShield HSMs are hardened, tamper-resistant devices that protect customers’ most sensitive data. nShield HSMs provide a secure environment for generating strong cryptographic keys and performing cryptographic operations, including encryption, decryption, signing and verification. With nShield HSMs, keys never leave the physical HSM in an unprotected form.

nShield Connect

These network-attached HSM appliances deliver high performance cryptographic services to applications across the organization.

nShield Solo

HSMs are low-profile PCI-Express card modules that deliver cryptographic services to applications hosted on a server or appliance.

nShield Edge

HSMs are portable, USB-based desktop devices designed for convenience and economy.

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