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Quest creates the software that helps you realize the benefits of its new technology. We provide solutions that manage, modernize and secure your enterprise across your endpoints, on-premises infrastructure and in the cloud. We help you conquer your next challenge with confidence.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Accelerate disaster recovery across on-prem, cloud & hybrid environments.

  • Backup and Recovery – Say goodbye to long backup windows, slow recovery and high maintenance costs. Our scalable backup and recovery solutions cut backup windows from hours to minutes. Protect anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual and or in the cloud.
  • Cloud migration and management – Take control of your environment, unlock hidden resources and simplify cloud migration.
  • Virtualization Protection – Quest virtualization solutions help you accelerate and improve performance of your entire virtual infrastructure and recover systems and data in minutes, without impacting users, with scalable and powerful data protection software Deduplication and replication – Reduce backup storage costs in physical and virtual environments.
  • Disaster Recovery – Ensure a fast recovery from disasters with Quest disaster recovery solutions for business continuity.
  • Office 365 Data Protection – Our Office 365 data protection solutions delivers the protection you need, and lets you determine what to backup, how often, where to store backups, and choose what and where to recover.

Database Management

Control the chaos now with proactive database management & monitoring.

  • Database Development – Our database development solutions enable you to implement consistent, repeatable processes to keep pace and become more agile.
  • Database Performance Monitoring – Consolidate and standardize database performance monitoring across diverse, multi-platform environments, including SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, DB2,MongoDB, Cassandra and others
  • Database DevOps – Speed up database change management by giving your database developers the same DevOps and agile advantages that your applications have.
  • Database Administration – Resolve problems before they impact your environment, and streamline routine database administration tasks, so you can focus on more meaningful endeavors.
  • Sensitive Data Protection for GDPR Compliance – Be ready to meet GDPR requirements and other data privacy regulations. Easily find and protect personal and sensitive data across your Oracle and SQL Server Databases with our sensitive data protection software.
  • Cloud Migration – Near-real time replication that does not interrupt end-user productivity lets you achieve high availability and business continuity. Your data is continuously replicated from one database server to another, with no scheduling required – no stress, no downtime.
  • Data Preparation – Ensure your business community receives accurate, high-quality data quickly– regardless of the data source.
  • Database Replication – Drive greater data availability through industry-leading database replication.

Database Management
Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management

Redefine your security posture, tightly securing your internal environment. Eliminate complexities and time-consuming processes; unify identity management across platforms and environments; and simplify and modernize your identity administration and governance, privileged account management and access control.

Performance Monitoring

Identify problems with centralized visibility into your databases & virtual infrastructure.

  • Database Monitoring and Analytics - Adopt a solution that provides simplified, consistent performance monitoring and management across heterogeneous database platforms in order to reduce administrative costs and improve service levels. Help ensure your database components are operating within their resource capacity limits, and use alerts to discover when they are overextended – plus determine how to correct those conditions.
  • Storage Performance and Utilization Management - Gain a holistic view of storage performance and utilization through the virtualization layer to the physical disk spindle. Foglight supports storage monitoring for Dell Compellent and Equalogic, EMC Clariaon, CX, VMAX, VNX and Isilon, Hitachi AMS, VSP and USP, HP EVA and 3PAR, NetApp OnTap 7, 8 and Cluster Mode.
  • Operating Systems Monitoring - Take the complexity out of monitoring operating systems and simplify the process with a unified solution that allows you to visualize core physical and virtual metrics, and gain deep insight into memory, CPU and I/O processes. Provide a consistent approach to the management of your diverse operating systems, and unify the disparate parts of your IT environment with a single, centralized platform.
Performance Monitoring
Microsoft Platform Management

Microsoft Platform Management

Move faster, improve security and stay in control for everything Microsoft.

Whether moving to Office 365 or restructuring AD for M&As , migrations can take on a life of their own. But with 30 years of experience, we’ve seen it all before, so we know to expect the unexpected and how to react. With Quest you can conquer your next Microsoft migration (now and in the future) by making it a non-event for end users. Our ZeroIMPACT migration and consolidation solutions help simplify migration planning, overcome unforeseen challenges and finish projects faster.

Unified Endpoint Management

Manage, secure & patch all endpoints. Take control of network-connected devices.

  • Endpoint Visibility - Our unified endpoint management solution provides you with endpoint visibility so that you can manage and track all connected devices and software across your IT environment while providing you with a single place to view all device activity.
  • Endpoint Security - Our comprehensive, unified endpoint management solution helps you prevent cyberattacks by pushing patches to the right devices at the right time, and confirming that policies and compliance regulations are enforced, so you can rest assured that you’re one-step ahead of potential attackers.
  • Endpoint Compliance - Our endpoint management solution provides you with comprehensive software inventory, metering and distribution capabilities, so you’re able to discover, maintain and track software license utilization.
Unified Endpoint Management

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